Critical to employee development and attainability of company objectives, it is only proper to give appropriate attention to the quality of goals and appraisal procedures fit for specific conditions.

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A highly configurable module that addresses goal management and performance appraisal requirements by defining custom set of criteria and rating schemes.

End to End

Supports performance management activities from identification and definition of criterion or dimension to the actual performance evaluation activities.


Various evaluation forms customized for particular employee groups, types of rating scales, dimension categories, and detailed description competencies.

Form Based

On-line appraisal can be performed easily as outlined forms while questions and numerical rating choices and options individually customized.

High Impact

Consolidate rating and rank performance. Identify strengths, competencies, and areas for improvement from the individual up to organizational level.

Report Listings

Comprehensive queries and drillable reports to tract the progress of evaluation on-line, and the interpretation of results for selected appraisal dimensions.


Tight integration with other modules allows you post results in 201-File or use the dimensions and competencies set in training and development module.


aclt on its 24th Year! Nationwide simulataneous celebration starts on August 8, 2018.

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