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Importance of your employees' health and safety should always be underscored. Have your clinic or health personnel the right system.

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The health and safety module keeps medical records of employees and monitors incidents of accidents and injuries.

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Manage employee schedules, leaves, timelogs, overtime, corrections and applications in a single package.

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Handles complex rules and policies like broken shifts, period adjustments, crossovers and much more.

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Scales even with processing requirements for tens of thousands of employees spread across nationwide.

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Read from almost all types of electronic time recorders and post summary results directly to payroll.


Keeps records of clinic activities from patient's visits, service costing, and monitoring of medicine inventories.

End to End

Complete medical information recording.


Detailed fields for physical examinations.


Separate work and traffic related safety records.


Includes assistance routines such as blood request.


Fit to Work, Medical Exam and Consultation Reports.


Support for clinic processes like inventory of supplies.

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