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Many executives believe that skills and competencies can be harnessed using appropriate training programs. The Training and Development module is an automated system that monitors all training activities sponsored by the company to boost employees’ productivity.

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The module records all types of training programs sponsored by the company to provide the right knowledge for them to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

End to End

Facilitates the flow of designing and conducting training programs with schedules, costs, selection, consultants, training content and enrollees.


Automatic generation of possible attendees when gaps have been pinpointed or simply via regular schedule with the generation of certificates and examination results.


Employees can enroll online for a scheduled training session and training. Trainee evaluation can be performed with guide questions and ratings.

High Impact

Objectives and training effectiveness can be injected into the program via competencies to identifying strengths and areas for improvement of the individual.

Report Listings

Comprehensive queries and drillable reports to tract the enrollment progress of employees, and the interpretation of results for selected competencies.


Tight integration with other modules allows you post results in 201-File and use the performance appraisal results to pin point competency gaps.

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