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Recruitment is one of the most sensitive and critical process of Human Resource Management. Most HR practitioners would say- a company is as good as the people it gets. This triggers organizations to invest on its recruits and search for sophisticated ways of handling the recruitment cycle.

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What Is This

Components and Phases

A company goes through a step-by-step hiring process. Module supports the major phases including planning, pooling, recruiting, and finally selecting.

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Manpower plan serves as the basis for campaigns that a company must conduct to fill up the necessary post.

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Collect and structure applicants' profile to expedite your formal hiring process which can be done through your website.

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From job posting and applicant matching through various stages of hiring processes including online interview and exams.

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Scientifically select the right candidate using the competencies and personnel dimensions required by the job.


It is highly configurable so that each task in the process flow can be setup properly together with process criteria and requirements.

full cycle support

Handles all recruitment process from the filing of item request, encoding of applications and bio-data, examinations, interview, requirement submission to final hiring or rejection.

configurable processes

Allows companies to create multiple recruitment selection processes based on your corporate criteria and guideline- job class, family or specific per position; using personal dimension or competencies.

online hiring

Perform online recruitment with forms that are easy to follow and guided with outline, questions and numerical rating choices including their respective description and tones.

powerful search

Search provides qualified applicants based on requirements and provisions to adapt to multiple types of rating and computation to rank internal and external candidates.

reports and listings

Includes comprehensive queries and drillable reports to monitor hiring progress, team or group productivity, and applicantion status.

high level integration

Integration with other modules facilitating transfer of information like personnel request supported by manpower requirements.

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