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Tracks a wide range of personnel information and provides sophisticated reports and its richly-presented variants from corporate, groups and down to the individual worker.

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What Is This

Feature Highlights

Keep an accurate tab on any record changes and staff movement in and out of the organization.

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Personnel information and grouping- from professional experience, educational background, disciplinary actions down to movement records.

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Define personnel action types and forms such as lateral or location transfer and promotions. Document templates are configurable too.

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Easy to Use

Explorer-based interface facilitates search, listings and management of records. Users can extend queries by adding information on-the-fly.

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Tightly integrated with other myPrimeHR modules such as timekeeping and payroll. Enhances prorated and retroactive processing needs.


The demographics and statistics of the manpower structure draws an accurate picture and value of the organizations' human capital.

Manage Personnel
Infomation Easily

Both standard and custom fields can be formatted and have options for easier and consistent build up.

Provide consistent

Using document templates, all of letters, notices, contracts, memo can be standardized across the organization.

Customize Personnel
Action Forms

Create and customize multiple personnel action types based on hiring, promotion or end of term movements.

Automate Movement
Through Forms

All action forms can initiate workflow or automate updates of related records like new branch assignment or direct reports.

Empower employees
through workflow

Employees file change in current address, martial status or contact information and be optionally verified by HR.

high level of protection of
your personal data

personal information up to the field level can be hidden to all users except for the owner of the data.

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aclt on its 24th Year! Nationwide simulataneous celebration starts on August 8, 2018.

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