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Designing the right job for each entity is a very important task of a human resource manager. Doing it correctly produces marvellous long-term results and knowing your people's skills and competencies allows you to produce even greater.

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The competencies and job profiling module handles information related to jobs and required competencies. This module contains job descriptions, duties and responsibilities, job specifications, inventory of competencies required per job, and training programs as a result of job assignment. You can also assign to each job class, position and individual the default links and forms that it will use.

Strategic Core

The integrator module for personnel dimensions for strategic HR requirements.

Demographic Reporting

Graphical reports provides summarized information to the management.

Assign Competencies

Competency matrix allows assigned requirement per job class or position.

Detailed Assignment

Competencies and dimensions can be assigned to individual level.

Easily Combine

Outliner based form definitions allows categorization of skills easily.

Management Tools

Various analytical tools such as competency gap analysis and distribution.

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